Music: The Song

One of the many skills that you learn when you grow up singing in a typical gospel choir is vocal versatility. You practice everyone's part in rehearsal: just in case a tenor is sick or the altos need some help, you sing whatever is needed on Sunday morning.  Vocal flexibility is a skill that I am proud to bring to any project - whether it is singing straight-toned Renaissance sacred chants, belting out robust covers from R&B divas from the 70s, 80s, & the 90s, or the luscious bel canto singing of Puccini and Verdi operas, I have performed over 600 years of sacred and secular classical and contemporary music in English, Latin, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.  Click right to view a small sampling of my offerings.   

Dance: The Movement

As someone who has been an artist for most of my adult life,  I thrive when I'm developing new ideas and cultivating new projects.  It’s my formidable belief that I am who I am today because of salsa dancing. It has served as my physical fitness, my emotional reset button, and my mental palate cleanser. Salsa dancing for me is what cheesecake is to Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia, & Rose. Beyonce has "Sasha Fierce" - I have the woman that I become when I'm dancing. It is my community, my mirror, and my soulmate. It’s the one place where I feel free and empowered to believe in myself one more day. It’s my $5 per night therapy session. My bestie. My gym. My priest. My healer.  

I was introduced to salsa dancing in Pittsburgh by my opera friends Michele Lee Betts & the late Mia Fuqua in 2006.  I learned it during the summer of 2008 in Philadelphia. It wasn't until I attended my first Jimmy Anton's social in New York City that I fell in love with salsa dancing.  I found a home in mambo, afro-Cuban salsa, pachanga, guaguancó, cha-cha, and bachata (probably in that order). I am a proud social dancer and welcome all levels of dance partners.  I even taught beginner's salsa dancing on the Capital Jazz SuperCruise XI where we sailed to Jamaica, Cozumel, and Turks & Caicos!  

During my travels, I utilized my salsa community, social media, and the Map Dance app to find nearby parties, festivals, and socials. Salsa dancing is how I've become my best self - culturally sensitive, open-minded, and light on my feet. Read more about my journey to self-acceptance with salsa dancing and click on the videos to the right to watch me in action!